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Feedback Questionnaire

Hi, does our User Testing need to be done specifically with the Feedback Questionnaire document, or can we do our own testing? Will we need to provide completed Questionnaires with our submission or anything like that?


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  • Manager   •   almost 7 years ago

    Hi Taylor,

    Thanks for your question!

    The rules state that: “Makers should demonstrate that user testing of their Web-based Form was completed and feedback was provided. To do so, Makers may utilize and complete the sample user-testing questionnaire to describe testing [https://challenges.s3.amazonaws.com/usda-fns/Feedback%20Questionnaire%20102216.docx] provided on the Hackathon Website, or may address user testing in the demonstration video.

    While user testing is not required for eligibility, Makers are strongly encouraged to conduct user testing to improve the user experience of their Web-based Form. Submissions will be evaluated on the extent to which user testing was conducted, as set forth below in Section 6.”

    So in normal English, you can do testing in whatever way you choose. Our goal in providing the Feedback Questionnaire was to provide a way to think about testing. You are very welcome to use that form and upload it in your submission (there is a place to upload files on the form), or you can demonstrate the testing in any other way you choose.

    Please note that, as the rules state, of the judging criteria is Demonstration of Testing and Debugging, which includes the extent to which user testing and debugging was performed and demonstrated within the submission.

    So the better you demonstrate your testing, the better you may score in that area.

    I hope that helps!

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