•   almost 7 years ago

Recruiting participants for usability testing?

Do you have any recommendations for recruiting participants for usability testing? Ideally, we'd like to limit participation to only those who would be eligible to receive free and reduced meals.


  • Manager   •   almost 7 years ago

    Hi Miriam,

    Thanks for your question! Since households who will be filling out these forms represent a wide range of people we would encourage you not to worry worry too much about testing with “eligible testers.” Instead, you should focus on gathering feedback from people you know who might represent different levels of computer literacy, etc. You’re really looking for feedback on areas such as: does the user understand your application’s flow, does the design help them to complete the form, etc.


  •   •   almost 7 years ago

    Hi Serena,

    How do you define "computer literacy?" Would a low level of literacy be "can at least send an email?" I'm working on a screener and would love to hear your thoughts on that.


  • Manager   •   almost 7 years ago

    Hi Alissa,

    As much as I'd love to say that a low level of computer literacy might include knowing how to send an email, I'm sure that you and I both know folks that aren't even to that level. We don't have a set standard we use for computer literacy, but I would encourage you to think about folks who might really need literal step-by-step prompts to complete a computer task.

    I hope that's somewhat helpful!

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