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Regarding student data & free lunch eligibility information

So how is the information we collect with our forms going to be relayed to the school districts? I'm wondering if we will need to get our platform to be a fully working one.

I'm assuming these are some of the core elements:
1) Collect data as mentioned in the rules
2) Send it to each individual school district (since we need an entire list of all school districts within the nation, is this a viable resource? http://www.data.gov/about )


  • Manager   •   almost 8 years ago

    Hi Dee,

    Thanks for your question! The final prototype will be provided to school districts to use if they choose. This means that each school district may choose to use the prototype, a version of the prototype, or not use it at all. Because each district will implement the usage on individually, you do not need to set up your application to send to all districts.

    For this competition, your application only needs to capture, save, and export the required data (as noted in the rules). Any additional needs for broader reach to multiple districts, etc. will be handled outside of the competition.


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    Hey Serena, that sounds great!

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